Do you suffer from eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, or any other eye problem? If yes, then you might want to try tarpana, an ancient Ayurvedic treatment that can nourish and rejuvenate your eyes.

Tarpana: A Natural Way to Improve Your Eyesight and Prevent Eye Diseases

Tarpana/ Akshi tarpanam means retention of medicines over the eyes. It is basically an eye cleansing process that involves pouring warm and medicated herbal ghee or oil into a ring-shaped well made from black gram flour around the eyes. The ghee or oil stays in contact with the eyes for a specific duration of time, providing them with healing and soothing effects. 

Benefits of Tarpana

Due to various factors such as aging, stress, pollution, excessive use of screens, etc., our eyes get affected. tarpana can help to restore and prevent or cure many eye problems. Some of the benefits of tarpana are:

  • Improves vision and strengthens the optic nerves

  • Nourishes the surrounding tissues of the eyes and reduces dark circles

  • Rejuvenates dry, tired eyes, and eye strain due to extended usage of computers and other light emitting digital screens.

  • Correct the degenerative changes in the retina and lens of the eyes

  • Treats conditions such as corneal disorders, retinitis, optic nerve disorders, refractive errors, chronic conjunctivitis, etc.

Indications of Tarpana

Tarpana is indicated for anyone who wants to improve their eye health and prevent eye diseases. However, it is especially recommended for people who have the following conditions:

  • Dry eye syndrome

  • Computer vision

  • Conjunctivitis and other corneal ailments

  • Early cataract formations

  • Glaucoma

  • Refractive errors

  • Optic Neuritis

  • Diabetic retinopathy

Types of Medicated Ghee Used in Tarpana

The type of oil or ghee used in Tarpana depends on the condition and constitution of the person undergoing the treatment. Some of the commonly used medicated ghees in Tarpana are:

Jeevanthyadi Ghrita: It is useful for treating eye diseases caused by Vata and Pitta imbalance, such as dry eyes, cataract, glaucoma, etc.

Triphala Ghrita: Triphala is known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and cleansing properties. It is beneficial for treating eye diseases such as burning sensation, inflammation, infection, etc.

How Tarpana Works?

Tarpana works by delivering the therapeutic effects of the medicated ghee or oil directly to the eyes through a well-sealed poultice. The warmth of the ghee or oil helps to open up the pores and channels in the eyes and allows the medicine to penetrate deep into the tissues. The ghee or oil also lubricates and moisturizes the eyes and prevents them from drying out. The herbs in the ghee or oil have specific actions on different aspects of eye health, such as improving blood circulation, reducing inflammation, enhancing nerve function, removing toxins, etc. By doing so, tarpana can improve the clarity and focus of the vision.

How to Get Tarpana Treatment

If you are interested in getting tarpana treatment, you can visit us, Our experienced Ayurvedic doctor who can diagnose your condition and prescribe the appropriate type and duration of tarpana for you.

Tarpana is usually done as a course of 7 to 21 days, depending on the severity and nature of the eye problem.

Each session of tarpana lasts for about 30 minutes, during which you have to keep your eyes open as much as possible. After the session, your eyes will be cleaned and bandaged for the night. You may also be given some oral medications and dietary recommendations to support the treatment.

 If you want to experience the benefits of tarpana, 

Book an appointment with us today and get ready to see the world in a new light

Tarpana is a safe and natural way to improve your eyesight and prevent eye diseases. It can help you to enjoy a clear and bright vision throughout your life.

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