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Treats the root cause of the disease rather than the symptoms by using only herbal and organic ingredients that are safe and effective. It does not have any harmful side effects or adverse reactions that are common with synthetic drugs and chemicals. Ayurveda is preventive and educates the individual on the proper diet and lifestyle habits that can prevent diseases and elevate your health.

- Outpatient and inpatient services, where patients can consult with qualified and experienced ayurvedic doctors and receive personalized treatment - Panchakarma therapy, which is a five-fold purification process to cleanse the body of toxins and restore health. - Ayurvedic pharmacy and dispensary, where patients can get access to high-quality and authentic ayurvedic medicines, herbs, and oils that are prepared according to the classical texts and formulas of ayurveda. - Diet preparation and counseling, where patients are provided with nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals that are suitable for their health condition. - Emergency services, where patients can get immediate and adequate care in case of any medical emergency or complication. The ayurvedic hospital is equipped with modern facilities and trained staff.

Call at +91 8547112478 or Submit the form here(hyperlink to call back link) and our back office team will assist you.

Payment options available at the ayurveda hospital are: Cash, Credit or debit card, Online payment, Medical reimbursement facility. You can find the detailed information on the charges by contacting the hospital directly.

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